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Constantly having to paint over nuisance graffiti or replace damaged signs can be costly and time consuming.  One solution is to apply Resenes Uracryl GraffitiShield.  GraffitiShield is a two pot clear anti-graffiti coating that once applied will protect against spray paints, inks, crayons, shoe polish and permanent marker pens. To remove simply use Resene graffiti cleaner. GraffitiShield is suitable for most painted surfaces, signage, concrete, brick, fibre cement and art murals.

GraffitShield can be purchased directly from Resenes for those wishing to apply the product themselves. However please note that the product will only perform as advertised if the application directions are followed fully.  The surface must be cleaned and prepared properly, the two pot product mixed correctly and all temperature ranges  and curing rates closely adhered to. Applied incorrectly the product will not fully harden and wont stand up to constant graffiti removal.

Tag Out can provide the full service of surface preparation, application of Graffiti Shield and graffiti removal.

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